Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Followers -- Want reduced cost for VIP Status?

Hi everyone - and particularly my Followers! This message is to you: how would you like to get Access to VIP Status for EV Fest 2013? At Reduced - Special VIP Follower Rates? The Contact Page at www.evfest.ca is a great way to reach me and follow up on this offer, particularly to get access to the Special Discount Codes to be planned for followers of the EV Fest Blog.

The Offer for VIP Status - is also dependent on my planned offer for a VIP ticket offering for EV Fest 2013 - with Incredible new Value, special new inclusions, and potentially an invite to EV Fest Press Night in advance of the show, among other fantastic new offerings coming! Stay tuned here for updates!

EV Fest 2013 VIP Offering Coming!

Not Ready for a Massive offer? Just want some thing Extra and a bit of recognition? There will also be an 'Enhanced' Ticket offering - at a price much lower than the VIP tickets, but higher than Normal 'Basic' tickets! Tell us your thoughts - by adding a comment to this post and watch for more information on the VIP & Enhanced Additions when they get officially Announced!

Enhanced EV Fest 2013 Ticket Coming!

Monday, September 3, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Now Over 35 Exhibitors and Growing!

The Labor Day Weekend saw me laboring to complete the Exhibitor List with much to smile about!

The Last announced Tally of 33 Exhibitors is now +5! One Dealership - Dean Myers with 3 Vehicles, One College - Sheridan College, and one Jaguar EV Conversion - a Personal Car WIP*  by Don Sing! Five New Exhibitors - See Them on the Exhibitor List online! (Scroll down for the Newest Exhibitors!)

*WIP = Work In Progress.

Keep an eye on this Blog, Twitter(1) and Twitter(2), and Facebook, the Exhibitor List on site as well as the News Page for updates!