Monday, June 1, 2015

EV Fest 2015 Preliminary News!

As we prepare for EV Fest 2015 returning to the same location as last year - now called the Harry Howell Arena, but still at 27 Highway 5 West, in Hamilton, Ontario (Clappisons Corners), I felt it would be wise to share some thoughts about the processes of EV Fest's Growth over 6 years!

I will also be posting some coming Specials on the Blog - so stay tuned and check back Regularly! If you follow EV Fest's Twitter and Facebook accounts - you may see tips and pointers to bring you here for those specials! Some might last Mere Hours, and some might last a Day, or Two! (it's under two weeks away now at 13 days to show, so check back here regularly!!)

For an Overview of History of the Beginnings and Growth of EV Fest for the past 6 years,
 - See this Page on this Blog:
Exhibitors, Guests & Sponsors - Which Comes First? A Brief Overview of EV Fest History and Future Thoughts - Part 1!

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