Sunday, August 16, 2020

EV Fest Update!

As of August 2020, Current COVID-19 Realities have also been a Strain on Event Development of In Person Larger Events, and the Funding of Such Events has been challenging in the past, without such additional strains, so creativity levels must be elevated for any similar events, and it seems the "FEEL" of an event, like these, with everyone required to wear masks, or shields, defeats a lot of the joy of such events.

Please Review this blog for any updates, in the coming months, as we attempt to redesign these kinds of events. (Obviously - Limits on Crowd Sizes need to be resolved, most obviously, by the result of Daily Cases of COVID-19 Dropping to a Point of near Zero, for an extended period of time, before such realities are practical.)

Based on the Workplace Requirements currently in Place, of Mandatory Mask Wearing On Property, I can Only Expect that until such Requirements are Lifted, any thoughts or revisiting Events like these, are under an extra burden of restriction, unsuitable for Serious Event Planning.

We May Consider Different Aspects for EV Fest, as well, to allow for Various Smaller Gatherings, at some point, going forward. Some Events May, be Specifically Restricted, or not in indoor Venues or Locations, as well, to suit any remaining limits on Events.

Obviously - Ontario is appearing to do better than some areas, with this challenge, but not as good as others! We all need to do better, to starve this pandemic of targets!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Yes, We are Still Here!

EV Fest 2016 Got Interrupted by an Urgent Family matter, and never quite got going again.... In 2017, 2018, 2019! Work - got in the way, among other things!

Today - COVID-19 Seems to be the only thing in the News, but in the mean time the world of Electric Vehicles - has continued to Grow!

Updates on ideas and Event topics are planned, soon.