Friday, January 20, 2017

Event Update > Moving Next Door to IKEA!

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show - Sunday, January 22nd, 2017!

Public Charging Stations at Toronto Region Conservation Authority are not yet Turned on, and the Schneider Electric Stations are strictly for Fleet Vehicles! 

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So - we are moving Next Door to IKEA, who is equipped with 4 convenient Spaces to share 2 EV Charging Stations, and we can discuss the coming DC Quick Charger at IKEA, while there!

Please Register using This Link for this event, Now!
Just over 24 hours remaining!

More Complete Directions now updated on the Event Page now!

Two 48A Sun Country Highway chargers wrapped with IKEA's wrapping. Map marker location is exact, 4 EV parking spaces in front of the two chargers. 

Opposite the curb/sidewalk behind the chargers there are an additional 4 spaces "reserved for low emissions vehicles", in case the 4 EV spaces are ever all full or ICE'd!

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