Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Third and Last Week of the Discount Code Promo on the EV Fest Blog!

Well as we approach the show date of September 22nd for EV Fest 2013, and our exhibitor count has grown to 18 Exhibitors - some with more spots and more yet to come in - I want to give you another chance this week to save from $1 up to $3 off the Tickets by using our Promo Codes!

EV Fest 2013 Electric Vehicle Show Tickets, Toronto
 - EV Fest Blog Promo - Wk3:  

This is live Now!

Now - let's take a look at what you are getting for your money!

Meet the Electric Vehicle Society of Canada, Meet New Dawn Energy Solutions  and discuss your own Solar Powered income stream, See a Porsche 944 EV, 1974 Dodge Dart Electric Vehicle Conversion, Mitsubishi iMiEV, ZERO S, ZERO MX, ZERO XU, Stealth E-3, El Kat,   PHEV Honda Ridgeline EV Conversion, Jaguar EV Conversion, Toyota Canada with their Prius PHV, and Inventors, Cindy Toth is bringing us her very own Tesla Model S, EV Craft Electric Vehicle Component Designer, and Stefan Chornopysky will be exhibiting EV Components, Mercedes Smart ED from Toronto Hydro, and hot off the registration tonight - Erik Haltrecht is showing his newly acquired Nissan LEAF!

And - there is a another week of Exhibitor Registrations to go and I know of exhibitors interested in coming not yet locked down!

The Old Mill Cafe is just a couple minutes walk South of the Venue, with Great Food and Snacks! Call them at 416-546-5676. They are in the 600 The East Mall Complex.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Second Week Discount Code for EV Fest 2013 - Save $$ By Following this Blog! See who is coming!

Hi! it is week two (2) of my three week discount Promo!

EV Fest 2013 Electric Vehicle Show Tickets,  20% Off - 1 Week Only! EV Fest Blog Promo. Save a Buck ($1) off Single Guest tickets, and save $3 off Family tickets!
Starts today - Sept. 2nd, and goes to midnight - Sept. 9th! Don't miss it!

Also - see who is coming at the 2013 Exhibitors List! Interested in Sponsoring EV Fest - See who already did - Here!

Don't forget to also follow the EV Fest Facebook Page, and my EV Fest Twitter Account to get the links for their promo's!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

First Week Discount Code for EV Fest 2013 - Save $$ By Following this Blog!

Hi, as this blog is to share news, tips, and opportunities for EV Fest - and EV Fest 2013 currently, to those who want to know what is happening - the first thing happening - is here is where to come to get your discount code - or link - for EV Fest 2013 Discounted Tickets (Up to September 15th)!

So - to get things Rolling - here is the first weeks discount - It won't work before Midnight tonight, or after one week later: Just Click this link after Midnight - August 26th, 2013 (12:00 AM) and up to one week later! If you miss the timing - and still want a discounted ticket - come back for next weeks Code!

EV Fest 2013 is coming! Watch Here for Special Ticket Discount Codes!

EV Fest has updated the website with Informational content for EV Fest 2013, and has the important Transaction content links incorporated (TicketsExhibitor RegistrationVolunteers, and Sponsors)!

If you are familiar with past shows, the Show this year is at a new location!

Moving to 630 The East Mall offers more EV Chargers on Site, the chance to learn about a Solar Carport first hand, and opportunities to meet with our host - BAKA Mobile - the company that took the plunge to install a Solar Carport with Eight (8) EV Chargers all on the same site!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT),

BAKA Mobile

630  East Mall,

Etobicoke, Ontario,
M9B 4B1, Canada

See their Plugshare Link, taking you to their Map & Location. Go to the EV Fest Website for full information.

If you follow this EV Fest Blog - you will get access to Ticket Discounts as they are announced there. You can also see the Facebook Page, or Follow on Twitter - which ever is best for you to get the Discounts for Tickets

You can save at least 20% and as much as over $3 a ticket using the discount codes - so don't miss them!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Electric Avenue 2013 - finally Gets its own web page!

After being busy with the PlugShare Blog since late February, I finally got on to put out a simple - if not elegant - web page for Electric Avenue 2013!

The Actual Page URL = and is where I will add information that will be changing rapidly over the next few days - plus adding Posts to the Electric Avenue Blog. The changing Information will be to share who has planned on coming and exhibiting at Electric Avenue - and Committed to Formula North for there payment and contract terms.

We are now just 24 days away from Electric Avenue 2013 - and if you have not registered your intention to attend, but would like to be there - now would be a great time!

What we know at present - is there is in the planning to be both Models of the Tesla Motors Product Line on Display - both a Roadster and a Model S. There may be more than one of at least one of those!

Call and email your Favorite EV Fest Exhibitor from 2011 or 2012, and let them know you'd like to see them here! Sent them one of the links above, or this one for Electric Avenue 2013 -

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

EV Fest Grows More Electric!

To do some things justice - they need their own space - that's why EV Fest got it's own space in 2010! Now we have been asked to work with another team and provide them an Electric Vehicle Show which we are sub-branding the Theme, easy to relate to -
Electric Avenue - and have started out a blog to cover the Lead-Up to that event, which for 2013 - is in conjunction with Formula North and will be held on Sunday, May 26th, 2013!

For Full Details on that - check it out on it's own space - HERE!