Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Followers -- Want reduced cost for VIP Status?

Hi everyone - and particularly my Followers! This message is to you: how would you like to get Access to VIP Status for EV Fest 2013? At Reduced - Special VIP Follower Rates? The Contact Page at www.evfest.ca is a great way to reach me and follow up on this offer, particularly to get access to the Special Discount Codes to be planned for followers of the EV Fest Blog.

The Offer for VIP Status - is also dependent on my planned offer for a VIP ticket offering for EV Fest 2013 - with Incredible new Value, special new inclusions, and potentially an invite to EV Fest Press Night in advance of the show, among other fantastic new offerings coming! Stay tuned here for updates!

EV Fest 2013 VIP Offering Coming!

Not Ready for a Massive offer? Just want some thing Extra and a bit of recognition? There will also be an 'Enhanced' Ticket offering - at a price much lower than the VIP tickets, but higher than Normal 'Basic' tickets! Tell us your thoughts - by adding a comment to this post and watch for more information on the VIP & Enhanced Additions when they get officially Announced!

Enhanced EV Fest 2013 Ticket Coming!

Monday, September 3, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Now Over 35 Exhibitors and Growing!

The Labor Day Weekend saw me laboring to complete the Exhibitor List with much to smile about!

The Last announced Tally of 33 Exhibitors is now +5! One Dealership - Dean Myers with 3 Vehicles, One College - Sheridan College, and one Jaguar EV Conversion - a Personal Car WIP*  by Don Sing! Five New Exhibitors - See Them on the Exhibitor List online! (Scroll down for the Newest Exhibitors!)

*WIP = Work In Progress.

Keep an eye on this Blog, Twitter(1) and Twitter(2), and Facebook, the Exhibitor List on site as well as the News Page for updates!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

10 Days to EV Fest 2012 - already 33 Exhibitors In!

With just 10 Days to go to EV Fest - Last minute exhibitors are coming in, details being finalized, and floor plans starting to come together! I already know we will have an Electric Garden Corner, among the variety of Zones for this show!

Who is your favorite Exhibitor so far? See all 33 and let us know in the comments who you like the best already! There are 4 Garden Tractors Coming (At Least), 4 Prius' (3 with Aftermarket PHEV additions, and one New OEM PHV - Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle!), 1 Antique Electric Vehicle and a Few Classic EV's both OEM and EV Conversions! More than one new and modern EV will be there - keep an eye on the exhibitor list this week!

The Total categories represented, and the number in them are: 11 Private Businesses, 14 Personal Vehicles, 3 EV Clubs and Groups, So Far - 1 Not For Profit, and 1 Corporate Exhibitor - and 3 Registrations from OEM's!

We have Solar Exhibitors (1 in and 1 coming as I write this) - so you can see how to charge your Electric Vehicle With Sunshine (and maybe a little wind), besides the Grid. You can also see how to get around and charge at places besides Home - with Public Charging Infrastructure!

We are excited! How about you!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are you not yet an EV Fest Update Subscriber?

August 18th Update! If you were an EV Fest Update Subscriber - you would have had THIS > http://eepurl.com/lryMb in your inbox yesterday!

As we get closer to EV Fest 2012 - time begins to fly faster, it seems! But - the basics are - EV Fest 2012 is just 3 weeks away! It is the Sunday After the Labour Day Weekend!

The Exhibitor list is shaping up quite well - and this coming week promises to bring even more excitement with certain new products planning for joining us!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

28 Days to EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show!

28 Days to go - 27 Exhibits Registered! List of Exhibitors is now linked on the EV Fest Home Page, right above the first picture collage! OEM's are starting to get Caught Up and come on board! There will be some exciting new vehicles on display this year not seen at previous EV Fests! (If you can't wait to see who is coming and what they are bringing - get the Exhibitor list for EV Fest 2012 here!

Some of the new Vehicles are coming from private owners as personal vehicles, others from Small Businesses, and there might even be an addition from one of our long time OEM supporters! (Interest was expressed to bring another vehicle - details in the works!)

Still not sure where in Toronto EV Fest 2012 Will be held? Click this picture for a larger Detail: 
(Click the 'Back Arrow' when done checking out the larger image!)

There will also be things you can buy, that you won't be able to buy anywhere else! Unfortunately - I won't be bringing Airbus or Wheeltug to demonstrate their new Electric Nose Wheel for the A320! This would be an interesting exhibit - but I think it makes more sense when EV Fest is being held on an Airport, so other Electric Aircraft can be there - what do you think? Just tell us your thoughts on our Facebook Page, and let us know if you like us there too!

*Announcement - There will be a Special Offer when the number of people Following the EV Fest Blog Doubles - from the current 5 - to 10+! Tell others to check out the blog too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

EV Fest Show Twitter Posts Added to Blog

Today we added a display of our Twitter Posts to our Blog, on the right hand column! We Hope you like it and it adds a feeling of being connected to more of what is going on with EV Fest 2012, news about Electric Vehicles, and the pulse of things.

We have also added this content on our Website, also on the right hand side ( just under the Follow us on Twitter Link, to keep it relevant!).

We hope this improves the feel of what you can find on our blog or website!
Please Note - there is just 73 Days left to EV Fest 2012! What are You Bringing to show?

Friday, June 1, 2012

99 Days to EV Fest 2012! Are you coming?

With just 99 days left to EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show - the pressure is on to give you and incredible experience! We already have the base of Early Bird Exhibitor Commitments - with more than 20 Committed Exhibitors, coming to Toronto from Ontario and Quebec, Michigan, and New York!

We have Plans from The Auto Manufacturer OEM's to bring their vehicles, and already we have a growing Electric Garden Tractor Contingent, Personal Electric Vehicle Conversions - some with upgrades planned over lat years Entrance, 3-Wheeled Electric Motorcycles, that Drive More like Motorbikes than Trikes, Electric Vehicle Charging Exhibits, Electric Scooters and Bikes, and Local Non-Profit Groups as well as Electric Vehicle Conversion Supply Companies!

For those that would love to have an example of the GM EV1 from the last decade - feel free to cast your vote of interest when you register for Guest Tickets, as well as by emailing us at evfest@evfest.ca to share your suggestions and thoughts!

While Advanced Ticketing is your current best bet for Ticket Pricing - if your are following us on Twitter, or have subscribed to our EV Fest Update News list - you will be among those who get the first word on short term extra special offers yet to come!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Congratulations to our Two Winners!

Congratulations to Bruce and Daniel, the only two players in our challenge that made it to the Finish Line and Won the Prize! The Link is still up - but the discount has expired!

While this was the first time I have run such a challenge - I will likely run Others! Leave your comments below as to what your thoughts were for this past challenge! Some might take you through a series of pages - linking you through the website - taking you to the discount or special offer at the end.

I should be attending RET-Center, Windsor on Saturday, June 2, 2012 for the Green-Sun Rising EVENT! You can see me their - Discussing EV Fest 2012, and potential Exhibitors, Guests!

If you have not checked out our Facebook page - now is the time! We would be pleased if you could say that you like our page!

Monday, May 21, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Special Family Discount Challenge! Time Limited! (Hidden Code, Hint Image Example provided)

To take advantage of the special Discount for Family tickets – Discounted 50% for a limited time.

Search the EV Fest Website for this image below –

Special Promo Image - example of what is to be found on the EV Fest Website with a discount Link for Family Tickets!

And when you find it, Click it (On the Website) to access the discount Code!

Update: This is an Easter Egg Hunt! 

The Clues are - it is a new image, It was not on the website On May 20th, It looks like the image above (but may have a black line box edge around it!), It is not on the home page! I have never offered this before! I might not offer it again! It might not be on a main page (but it could be), or it might not be at the top of any page!

It is worth over $8 Bucks when you find it, if you were thinking of coming, and is now less expensive for a Family, than it will be for a Single Guest on Show Day!

Send me an email, if you want another Hint as to where to look!

This Promo Ends at Month End. Similar Promo’s may be created Later, but will not be as direct in most cases!

Congratulations to the first Winners of this challenge: 
Daniel (May 27th.) 
& Bruce!(May 28th.) 
-- They Did it - So can you!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charging Your Electric Vehicle Now!

Since Electric Vehicles Need to Charge up somewhere, PlugShare.com Logo and link was added to the right hand menu for access from every page on our website, since this is a critical piece of the puzzle - finding out where to charge the Electric Vehicles we are buying, besides at home!

Other Charging Access Points by Coulomb Technologies, are listed on their Charge Point Network site.

Of course - if you want your own Electric Vehicle Charger - or - Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - as they are called - check out this List of Manufacturers! Of course - once you have your EV Charger - you might want to get it listed in the Nissan LEAF's Charger Map!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EV Fest 2012 May 1st Announcements!

EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show Advance Ticket Sales Began on May 1st, 2012! From Now until September 8th, 2012 - you can buy EV Fest tickets at $3.00 off Show Prices both for Guests, and for Families! Ticket Prices are: Guest $7.00 Families $17.00!

If you have a Group of 20 or more people coming together - Large Group Ticket Sales are also now available, save a $1 per person when buying 20 or more tickets using the Advance Large Groups Choice! These Ticket Sales End on August 31st, 2012!

Special Games & Offers:

See our News Page online for some tips about what is coming! Note the information about where to watch for Specials and Special Offers! Sometimes the offer will be slightly hidden, and you will need to watch carefully to see it! It might be tickets to EV Fest, or Some Other Event! It Might be EV Fest Merchandise offers, or other Merchandise offers! It might even be something more...! Some might be Animated Gif Images - that only show the relevant image up on screen part of the time - so you might have to look for them in unusual places!

Watch for them often - some offers will only last 1 hour, some 4 hours, and some might last a Day or a Week! Depending on the medium of announcement, and the time of day - differing specials will be time adjusted to suit typical availability to discover!  A Few people will definitely miss out on the offer! Also - don't forget to Sign Up for our EV Fest News Update List! (Some offers might just be to subscribers of this list!)

In Any case - we hope to have fun with these ideas, and hope you will too! Some might Ask Questions that you have to search more than one website, web page, or source to find the complete answer, and you might have to email in the answer to collect on the prize, or for the Complete Bonus!

Enjoy! And Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

EV Fest Website New Look and Updates

Over the last few days - the EV Fest Website has undergone few small changes - changing the Green Background to White, Images have been added to get a sense of who and what is coming to EV Fest 2012 so far, and these same images have been added to our Online Eventbrite Ticket Sales Page!

A New Page has been added to the website with the list in order of registration - of our leading Exhibitors, called 2012 Exhibitors and Pictures, and this page will be updates regularly with new exhibitors being listed here, as well as on blog postings.

Also added, was a page to start Recognizing Donors, for anyone who goes to the Online Ticket Purchase page and makes a Donation - either with buying a ticket to attend, or not.

We have also extended to the End of April - the Early Bird Ticketing Prices - so for a limited time - you can still save $5.00 off the Show Day prices on either Guest Tickets (Individual Person Ticket), or Family tickets.

We have Also mad adjustments to our Sponsorship Choices - Simplifying the number of choices down to Seven (7) in part by moving the three lowest options to our Donor option, and the value was kept with them; and by removing the two largest options to make a New Maximum Sponsorship at just $10,000.00, and now one buying all of any of the lower choices can exceed the value of any higher Sponsorship Choice!

The Top three (3) spots are now Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and we would be happy to have you join us as such a sponsor! Lower sponsorship choices also exist down to $100.00 still for those who wish to be recognized as Sponsors, and part of the Team bringing EV Fest to you for 2012!

Everyone will soon have the option of taking a number of 4" x 6" Post cards to promote EV Fest 2012 from their business or wherever they go!

More News to come - Stay tuned!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Exhibitor Registration Update & Status

Since my last posting - Exhibitor Registrations have increased, with completed Registrations now totaling  Twenty One (21) completed Registrations covering two Provinces (Ontario and Quebec), and two States (Michigan and New York).

The Registration of EV Fern was followed by:

  1. HD Bright HiD Xenon Headlight Conversion Kits and LED Lighting - Jean Marc Dube
  2. enginer.us PHEV Conversion Specialists - Jack Chen
  3. 2010 Tesla Roadster - Jaff Stevenson
  4. Durham Electric Vehicle Association - Jean-pierre Fernbach
  5. EP Rider Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles - Jurij Zurba
  6. Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Howard Hutt
  7. Toronto Electric Special Projects - Steve Dallas
  8. 1989 Ford Ranger EV - John Farmer
This Brings to a close all past outstanding Invitations to EV Fest Exhibitors.

Tell all your New Electric Vehicle Owner Friends, that They can Exhibit their new LEAF, iMiEV, Volt, Tesla, SMART ED, or other Hybrid at EV Fest as well - Just Check out the website at www.evfest.ca for details and contact us to proceed!

Also Accepting Exhibitor Positions for Electric Watercraft, Electric Aircraft, Electric Farm and Garden Equipment, among other items.

Updated: Per Request. Correction - Total # Verified with Registration system.

Monday, March 12, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Exhibitor Registration Status and Update!

Since my last posting - Exhibitor Registrations have increased, with completed Registrations now totaling Thirteen (13), and four (4) near completions: Links up but Registration not yet paid!

The Registration by eMileage was followed by:
  1. 2005 Toyota ePrius "e-Prius" - Erik Haltrecht
  2. Avco New Idea EGT2000 Electric Garden Tractor - Doug Hart
  3. Stealth E3 3-Wheel Electric Motorcycle - John Head
  4. New Dawn Energy Solutions - New Dawn
  5. 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger eDart/Electric Swinger - Gavin Bogle
  6. 1971 General Electric Elec-Trak Electric Garden Tractor - Denis Carrier
  7. 1991 Suzuki GSX600F "El - Kat" - Ed Stepanic
  8. Schneider-Electric EV Link Solutions - Louise Jones
  9. Singular Motion EV - Porsche 944SM - Brian Kirk
  10. EV Fern Energy Storage Lithium Battery Solutions - Jean-Pierre Fernbach

Other Potential Exhibitors - with Links added but registration not yet completed:

  • HD Bright, 
  • Durham Electric Vehicle Association
  • EP Rider, 
  • Electric Vehicle Society of Canada

If you have an Electric Vehicle Conversion in Progress and are thinking of Exhibiting it in September - now is the time to become and Approved Exhibitor! If you have an OEM EV, REEV, or PHEV, we would love to have you join us as exhibitors to! Regular Hybrids also still Accepted! Just go now to our Exhibit Page to brush up on the requirements! 

(Hint - you need some form of Website, Web Page, or Blog, that you can post special custom links to the EV Fest Website. If you are returning from previous EV Fest Events, there is a special offer until March 15th!)

Just want to come and see what interesting things are happening in the world of Electric Vehicles - Get your Ticket Here Now! Remember - Early Bird Tickets end on March 31st!

Monday, January 30, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Progress Begins!

Access to EV Fest 2012 Ticketing Began on January 15th, 2012. Exhibitors and Guests (Family ticket) have started to happen. Exhibitors are accepting the new program for this year with the general effect of EV Fest's website getting more and more links pointing to it from Each Exhibitor.

EV Fest Electric Vehicle Show 2012:
Sunday, September 9th,
Exhibitors Begin Loading at 7 AM
Public hours: 10 AM - 5 PM!
At the Pavilions at Evergreen Brick Works,
550 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario!

Check out our First Early Bird Registered Exhibitors websites now:

Electricfly (Multiple Sites):
Escort EV:
http://www.emileage.ca/ !

And I anticipate registrations soon from these Approved Exhibitors:

AVCO New Idea EGT200 Tractor:
El Kat:
http://www.evalbum.com/3497; and
New Dawn energy Solutions:

Potential Additional Exhibitors currently interested in coming, as defined by general communications and adding their links: 

Electric Vehicle Society of Canada:

If you have an Electric Vehicle Conversion in Progress and are thinking of Exhibiting it in September - now is the time to become and Approved Exhibitor! If you have an OEM EV, REEV, or PHEV, we would love to have you join us as exhibitors to! Regular Hybrids also still Accepted! Just go now to our Exhibit Page to brush up on the requirements!

Just want to come and see what interesting things are happening in the world of Electric Vehicles - Get your Ticket Here Now! Remember - Early Bird Tickets end on March 31st!