Sunday, August 16, 2020

EV Fest Update!

As of August 2020, Current COVID-19 Realities have also been a Strain on Event Development of In Person Larger Events, and the Funding of Such Events has been challenging in the past, without such additional strains, so creativity levels must be elevated for any similar events, and it seems the "FEEL" of an event, like these, with everyone required to wear masks, or shields, defeats a lot of the joy of such events.

Please Review this blog for any updates, in the coming months, as we attempt to redesign these kinds of events. (Obviously - Limits on Crowd Sizes need to be resolved, most obviously, by the result of Daily Cases of COVID-19 Dropping to a Point of near Zero, for an extended period of time, before such realities are practical.)

Based on the Workplace Requirements currently in Place, of Mandatory Mask Wearing On Property, I can Only Expect that until such Requirements are Lifted, any thoughts or revisiting Events like these, are under an extra burden of restriction, unsuitable for Serious Event Planning.

We May Consider Different Aspects for EV Fest, as well, to allow for Various Smaller Gatherings, at some point, going forward. Some Events May, be Specifically Restricted, or not in indoor Venues or Locations, as well, to suit any remaining limits on Events.

Obviously - Ontario is appearing to do better than some areas, with this challenge, but not as good as others! We all need to do better, to starve this pandemic of targets!

Monday, April 6, 2020

Yes, We are Still Here!

EV Fest 2016 Got Interrupted by an Urgent Family matter, and never quite got going again.... In 2017, 2018, 2019! Work - got in the way, among other things!

Today - COVID-19 Seems to be the only thing in the News, but in the mean time the world of Electric Vehicles - has continued to Grow!

Updates on ideas and Event topics are planned, soon.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Event Update > Moving Next Door to IKEA!

Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show - Sunday, January 22nd, 2017!

Public Charging Stations at Toronto Region Conservation Authority are not yet Turned on, and the Schneider Electric Stations are strictly for Fleet Vehicles! 

      Please Register using This Link for this event, Now! 

So - we are moving Next Door to IKEA, who is equipped with 4 convenient Spaces to share 2 EV Charging Stations, and we can discuss the coming DC Quick Charger at IKEA, while there!

Please Register using This Link for this event, Now!
Just over 24 hours remaining!

More Complete Directions now updated on the Event Page now!

Two 48A Sun Country Highway chargers wrapped with IKEA's wrapping. Map marker location is exact, 4 EV parking spaces in front of the two chargers. 

Opposite the curb/sidewalk behind the chargers there are an additional 4 spaces "reserved for low emissions vehicles", in case the 4 EV spaces are ever all full or ICE'd!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! Join us for our 2nd EV Charging Station Show! This one in Vaughan, Ontario, on Sunday, January 22nd, 2017!

Happy New Year!

EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show - Sunday, January 22nd, 2017!

First one in Vaughan, Ontario!

This one is at Highway 7 & 400, near IKEA

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Toronto Region Conservation Authority
101 Exchange Ave
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5R6
Sunday, January 22nd, 2017 :
Noon to 3 PM Only.
Exhibitors $5, Guests $2.

Toronto Region Conservation Authority Map-View  Satellite View - Direction Overview

Basically, to get to this event: Exit Hwy 400 for Hwy #7 East, Travel towards Jane, St., but Turn South at Interchange Way. You can Also Get to this Event from the 407 ETR: Exit Jane St., North, Turn Left at Interchange Way, and continue past IKEA, as above!
Location - Access, Detailed Directions:
From Highway 7, Eastbound after exiting the Highway 400, travel towards Jane Street, Turn Right (South) at Interchange Way, travel to the End where it meets an intersection in front of IKEA, Turn Right (West) by the IKEA Flags.
If you are coming from the Hwy 407 ETR, at the Jane Exit - continue Straight through. Continue west past the 1st IKEA Entrance on your left, and 2nd Entrance on your left, until you are at the Third sign for IKEA Parking, and have moved to the Left Turn Lane there, Turn Left (South), and continue South right into parking lot.
As you enter, you will be at the Level 2 Charging stations. DC QC Chargers are just to your left around the corner!

Entrance to Conservation Authority Parking, at the Charging Stations - North Side

Get More Complete Directions on the EV Fest Website now! Join us with your Electric Vehicle, share EV Charging Experiences, Tips, and Discoveries, and help us all grow!

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Saturday, December 24, 2016

EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show - You are invited!

You are invited to the following event:

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations around Ontario, and Toronto are Growing in Numbers, and not everyone is aware of many of the new locations! 

This Event is the 3rd (Third) of what we hope to be many, many, such small events, and the Second for the General Public, where we will be creating a smaller event, showcasing the sites where there are more than one Electric Vehicle Charging Station available for Public Access.

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

This one is at (Click Link >) Toronto Region Conservation Authority - Head Office - a New Location only recently listed on  PlugShare! Overflow EV Charging at IKEA, Next Door!

Sun, 22 January 2017; 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Toronto Region Conservation Authority

101 Exchange Ave

Vaughan‎, Ontario‎ L4K 5R6

Toronto Region Conservation Authority - Head Office - PlugShare Info 

We will be inviting Electric Vehicle Owners and Operators with EV's and PHEV's to come out and Join us for a Charge, and to Meet other EV Owners, plus inviting Past EV Fest Guests, and the Public, for Events, to Join us and See Just how Easy and Quick it is for Electric Vehicles to be Connected and Disconnected from a Public Charging Station, and how convenient it is to use a Charging Station (IF Electric Vehicle Owners are willing to share these points)!
Toronto Region Conservation Authority Map-View 

There will be a small Token Fee for these events, usually at the pocket change level, and the events will be shorter in duration than the normal EV Fest Show Hours. Donations for supporting Future Events and EV Fest Growth will also be accepted when Registering.
It is OK to come early - but if you come late - the event might be already over!
Guest and EV/PHEV Numbers may be limited, as these events will be generally in parking lot spaces where there is vehicle traffic, and there won't be an unlimited Number of Charging Stations.

Be Advised - Watch for Vehicular Traffic - Some Won't Be EV's!

Not All such Events will be Scheduled with a lot of notice, or with specific permission to have priority access to such Chargers, as they are Public, but as for much of the time most such sites are underutilized, and we will try to invite less EV Owners than the number of Charging Stations on site, so there is room for the general public as well, we feel that for the most part, this would be a great introduction of the realities of EV Charging, showcasing the benefits, and opportunities, as well as any learning opportunities for the uninformed public to develop a respect for Electric Vehicle Charging Spaces, their uses, and diplomacy.

Anyone wishing to Volunteer an assist with organizing these events, please contact us.
Thanks for coming, and Supporting EV Fest!

Eventbrite - EV Fest 2nd Public EV Charging Station Show

Friday, June 24, 2016

EV Fest 2016 Guest Tickets Now Available Here!

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