Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Join us at the First "Hoods Open EV Cruise Nights" (Monday, 30 June, 2014)

1st Hoods Open EV Cruise Night, More Information.

Compared to EV Fest - this is a smaller event, a chance hopefully for Fellow EV Owners to get together and talk shop - pop the hoods, compare seats, styles, specs, and more!

Maybe a few guests or the general public will stop by and EV Owners can answer a few questions too! Those EV Owners who could not make EV Fest in Hamilton might be able to come out too!

Compared to the many Classic Cruise Nights - I wanted this to start a bit small, and have time to work out the bugs [ebugs?] before growing!

Where? 1211 Caledonia Road, Toronto
When? Monday, June 30; 3:00PM - 7:00PM
What? Your Electric Vehicle on Display

Coming? Register Yourself and/or your EV Here!

Business For Lease Space at 1211 Caledonia Road - Open Parking for now!

Not Familliar with this area?
From North - Take Dufferin Street, South of the 401 to Orfus Road, proceed West
(Right Turn) to the end of the street to Caledonia, turn right.
From South - Go North on Dufferin Street past Lawrence,  to Orfus Road, proceed West (Left Turn) to the end of the street to Caledonia, turn right.
1121 Caledonia is just before Tim Horton's Restaurant.

Need More Directions? Here is a Google Map for the Show.

Register Yourself and/or your EV Here!

Thanks for Checking out 'Hoods Open EV Cruise Nights!'

Sunday, June 1, 2014

7 Day Sale on EV Fest 2014 Tickets!

I have opened up a special Discount for those who act quickly - and buy their EV Fest 2014  Tickets online before June 7th, 2014 at Midnight!

In celebrating the Exhibitors who have committed to exhibit at EV Fest 2014 - I am giving 1% off for Each Exhibitor Registered! 

Want a Higher Discount? Encourage others to register in this last week - Here are the choices: https://evfest2014-exhibitors.eventbrite.ca/ 

See my announcement here: 
"Over 22 Register #EVFest2014 Exhibitors (Some have multiple Exhibit Registrations!) http://bit.ly/1tyNl31"

Just use code "22Exhibitors" to get your discount - or use This Link to go directly to the ticket ordering page with the discount applied!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Special EV Fest 2014 Ticket Discount - only until May 25th!

Save $2.00 off Any Current Running Advance Ticket offer at EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show! 

You get all the Value, but save $2.00 - all just for following this blog and taking action Now!

If you are a follower of the News letter - there is a good chance you will also be receiving our Newsletter Promotion there as well! It has a Special Mothers Day - Queen Victoria Day Weekend run time with a Special Offer just for Families!

This Offer - Just on the Blog - is Across the Board on all Tickets, so a $5.00 Guest ticket will cost just $3.00! A $15.00 Family Ticket - will cost just $13.00! (If you work at Bombardier Aerospace - and buy the Bombardier Ticket - you will get a $2.00 Discount off as well - making it a $3.00 Ticket as well!

 Just click This Link - and grab your ticket before they run out! a Limited number of discounts are available - when when they are gone - they are gone!

This is a time limited offer - so jump on it now!

$5 Ticket (Guest) = $3 Until May 25th, 2014

$15 Ticket (Family) = $13 Until May 25th, 2014

$5 Ticket (Bombardier) = $3 Until May 25th, 2014

Already In - See the Mitsubishi iMiEV, Tesla Model S AND Roadster, Honda Insight, GE Tractor, Volkswagen Golf, and More!

Don't Miss out - Grab your tickets online today! Save a Couple Bucks - and you don't even need to tear it out of a Newspaper!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

EV Fest adds some International Flavor!

EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show now has translated the primary home page content into 5 Languages - listing those pages linked from a Flag at the Header of the Website!

From Any page of arriving at the EV Fest website - a visitor that speaks French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, can click their flag of choice and at least get the important information in their own language!

See this image capture of the current listed and linked Flags/Languages:
On the EV Fest Site - from Any Page - these Flags Link to a page with their matching Language Content.
We have added French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German pages, linked out from their respective flag icons in the header. When a Visitor goes to these pages, there is also a Flag icon at the top right of their page as a reminder and confirmation. Since Brazil uses the Portuguese language - the one page is linked from the Two Flags on the header, and both flags are shown on the page indicating it is for both countries!

For the present - all other pages will remain in English, and the Ticketing, and Exhibitor Registration pages will be in English. From the Language page - the Link out to the ticketing page states both in English and in that pages language - that the Ticketing page will be only in English.

These pages are being offered, and it should be noted - as is stated on the bottom of each page - again in English and also in the pages translated Language, that they have been translated using an online translator - http://www.freetranslation.com/.

It is quite possible that there may be Translation inaccuracies, and if anyone finds one - it would be appreciated if they could provide us with a better translation tool for the process.

For Other EV Fest News - see the Main Site News Page Here.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing Exhibitor Counts for EV Fest 2014!

EV Fest 2014 Exhibitor List Continues to Grow!

From the Slowest to the Fastest, We have Registered Exhibitor Commitments from Some Vehicles - you would not normally drive on the highway - but they can help clean up the air around the yard - Electric Tractors!

Some Cars have moved away from Petroleum Product consumption by changing their Fuels to used Deep Fryer Oils - Simple Bio-Diesels, or what we have often called - Veggie-Vans, but the correct title is Straight Waste Vegetable Oil - SWVO - and we have that too!

If you have the need for Speed - we have a number of fast EV's to view and - if your timing is right - to even ride, or maybe - to Drive! We have been Graced by Owners offering to show you what it's like to experience the Tesla Smile! We are also working with Dealerships for Test Drives of other Vehicles! Stay Tuned!

Like to pedal your way around? Come and see a very unique Hybrid (Human/Electric) Trike that is very comfortable! Check out our Inventors Exhibit! See a Classic upgraded Honda 2000 Insight in a whole new light!

Need to find a place to get your Car Charged - or want to help get Electric Vehicle Charging Stations out there? We have Exhibitors coming, just to help you find the solution to your needs!

Looking to Learn how to Save Even More $ on your electric vehicle purchase? The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada has their EV Ambassadors Program to Help with that!

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Onward & Upward! EV Fest 2014 - Moves to a Bigger, Brighter, Indoor Facility!

EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show - is actually our 5th Anniversary of EV Fest!

For those who have been following and attending our show since it began in 2010, you will generally note that the Venue space has moved each year, from our beginnings in a Body Shop to our first Actual EV Fest 2010 in a Service Bay and Customer Service Drop off area, to larger Venues with some Electric Vehicle Charging, to a moment in 2013 where we were located outside - but - we had the most ever on site places for EV Charging - with 8 Chargers at BAKA Mobile for EV Fest 2013, right under a 20 kW Carport Solar Array!

Thank you BAKA  Mobile for your support in Creating EV Fest 2013!

We have once again a new Location for EV Fest 2014 - this time with 10 EV Chargers!

Two rows each with 5 units! Our location will be near Hamilton, in one of the finest LEED Certified Facilities in the Whole of the GTA and possibly in Southern Ontario: North Wentworth Community Centre 27 Hwy 5 West, Flamborough (Hamilton), Ontario. See Image Below:

Twin Pad Arena - early Evening photo

The EV Fest Website has been renewed for EV Fest 2014, and all content for EV Fest 2013 is now in the past events directory. All Links are up and live for anyone wishing to Buy tickets to attend, to register to Volunteer or Exhibit, or even if you wish to make a small Donation or even become a Sponsor and be recognized as such - jump on over to www.evfest.ca and Check it out!

On a Different Note - EV Fest is Looking for Volunteers - which can get you into the Show for Free! Just go look at some of the choices and see if you would rather just save half-off advanced ticket prices (Already less than Show Prices), or if you like Free - Better! Just click on over to http://www.evfest.ca/Volunteers.html and have a look at some of the choices!

Invite a Friend to Subscribe to our EV Fest News Update Newsletter today! Information and past Newsletter History is online at
A Gathering of Electric Vehicles Charging up at the Twin Pad Arena's Facility!