Sunday, May 11, 2014

EV Fest adds some International Flavor!

EV Fest 2014 Electric Vehicle Show now has translated the primary home page content into 5 Languages - listing those pages linked from a Flag at the Header of the Website!

From Any page of arriving at the EV Fest website - a visitor that speaks French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, can click their flag of choice and at least get the important information in their own language!

See this image capture of the current listed and linked Flags/Languages:
On the EV Fest Site - from Any Page - these Flags Link to a page with their matching Language Content.
We have added French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German pages, linked out from their respective flag icons in the header. When a Visitor goes to these pages, there is also a Flag icon at the top right of their page as a reminder and confirmation. Since Brazil uses the Portuguese language - the one page is linked from the Two Flags on the header, and both flags are shown on the page indicating it is for both countries!

For the present - all other pages will remain in English, and the Ticketing, and Exhibitor Registration pages will be in English. From the Language page - the Link out to the ticketing page states both in English and in that pages language - that the Ticketing page will be only in English.

These pages are being offered, and it should be noted - as is stated on the bottom of each page - again in English and also in the pages translated Language, that they have been translated using an online translator -

It is quite possible that there may be Translation inaccuracies, and if anyone finds one - it would be appreciated if they could provide us with a better translation tool for the process.

For Other EV Fest News - see the Main Site News Page Here.

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