Thursday, May 8, 2014

Growing Exhibitor Counts for EV Fest 2014!

EV Fest 2014 Exhibitor List Continues to Grow!

From the Slowest to the Fastest, We have Registered Exhibitor Commitments from Some Vehicles - you would not normally drive on the highway - but they can help clean up the air around the yard - Electric Tractors!

Some Cars have moved away from Petroleum Product consumption by changing their Fuels to used Deep Fryer Oils - Simple Bio-Diesels, or what we have often called - Veggie-Vans, but the correct title is Straight Waste Vegetable Oil - SWVO - and we have that too!

If you have the need for Speed - we have a number of fast EV's to view and - if your timing is right - to even ride, or maybe - to Drive! We have been Graced by Owners offering to show you what it's like to experience the Tesla Smile! We are also working with Dealerships for Test Drives of other Vehicles! Stay Tuned!

Like to pedal your way around? Come and see a very unique Hybrid (Human/Electric) Trike that is very comfortable! Check out our Inventors Exhibit! See a Classic upgraded Honda 2000 Insight in a whole new light!

Need to find a place to get your Car Charged - or want to help get Electric Vehicle Charging Stations out there? We have Exhibitors coming, just to help you find the solution to your needs!

Looking to Learn how to Save Even More $ on your electric vehicle purchase? The Electric Vehicle Society of Canada has their EV Ambassadors Program to Help with that!

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