Tuesday, May 1, 2012

EV Fest 2012 May 1st Announcements!

EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show Advance Ticket Sales Began on May 1st, 2012! From Now until September 8th, 2012 - you can buy EV Fest tickets at $3.00 off Show Prices both for Guests, and for Families! Ticket Prices are: Guest $7.00 Families $17.00!

If you have a Group of 20 or more people coming together - Large Group Ticket Sales are also now available, save a $1 per person when buying 20 or more tickets using the Advance Large Groups Choice! These Ticket Sales End on August 31st, 2012!

Special Games & Offers:

See our News Page online for some tips about what is coming! Note the information about where to watch for Specials and Special Offers! Sometimes the offer will be slightly hidden, and you will need to watch carefully to see it! It might be tickets to EV Fest, or Some Other Event! It Might be EV Fest Merchandise offers, or other Merchandise offers! It might even be something more...! Some might be Animated Gif Images - that only show the relevant image up on screen part of the time - so you might have to look for them in unusual places!

Watch for them often - some offers will only last 1 hour, some 4 hours, and some might last a Day or a Week! Depending on the medium of announcement, and the time of day - differing specials will be time adjusted to suit typical availability to discover!  A Few people will definitely miss out on the offer! Also - don't forget to Sign Up for our EV Fest News Update List! (Some offers might just be to subscribers of this list!)

In Any case - we hope to have fun with these ideas, and hope you will too! Some might Ask Questions that you have to search more than one website, web page, or source to find the complete answer, and you might have to email in the answer to collect on the prize, or for the Complete Bonus!

Enjoy! And Stay Tuned!

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