Monday, May 21, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Special Family Discount Challenge! Time Limited! (Hidden Code, Hint Image Example provided)

To take advantage of the special Discount for Family tickets – Discounted 50% for a limited time.

Search the EV Fest Website for this image below –

Special Promo Image - example of what is to be found on the EV Fest Website with a discount Link for Family Tickets!

And when you find it, Click it (On the Website) to access the discount Code!

Update: This is an Easter Egg Hunt! 

The Clues are - it is a new image, It was not on the website On May 20th, It looks like the image above (but may have a black line box edge around it!), It is not on the home page! I have never offered this before! I might not offer it again! It might not be on a main page (but it could be), or it might not be at the top of any page!

It is worth over $8 Bucks when you find it, if you were thinking of coming, and is now less expensive for a Family, than it will be for a Single Guest on Show Day!

Send me an email, if you want another Hint as to where to look!

This Promo Ends at Month End. Similar Promo’s may be created Later, but will not be as direct in most cases!

Congratulations to the first Winners of this challenge: 
Daniel (May 27th.) 
& Bruce!(May 28th.) 
-- They Did it - So can you!

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