Saturday, August 11, 2012

28 Days to EV Fest 2012 Electric Vehicle Show!

28 Days to go - 27 Exhibits Registered! List of Exhibitors is now linked on the EV Fest Home Page, right above the first picture collage! OEM's are starting to get Caught Up and come on board! There will be some exciting new vehicles on display this year not seen at previous EV Fests! (If you can't wait to see who is coming and what they are bringing - get the Exhibitor list for EV Fest 2012 here!

Some of the new Vehicles are coming from private owners as personal vehicles, others from Small Businesses, and there might even be an addition from one of our long time OEM supporters! (Interest was expressed to bring another vehicle - details in the works!)

Still not sure where in Toronto EV Fest 2012 Will be held? Click this picture for a larger Detail: 
(Click the 'Back Arrow' when done checking out the larger image!)

There will also be things you can buy, that you won't be able to buy anywhere else! Unfortunately - I won't be bringing Airbus or Wheeltug to demonstrate their new Electric Nose Wheel for the A320! This would be an interesting exhibit - but I think it makes more sense when EV Fest is being held on an Airport, so other Electric Aircraft can be there - what do you think? Just tell us your thoughts on our Facebook Page, and let us know if you like us there too!

*Announcement - There will be a Special Offer when the number of people Following the EV Fest Blog Doubles - from the current 5 - to 10+! Tell others to check out the blog too!

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