Sunday, March 25, 2012

EV Fest 2012 Exhibitor Registration Update & Status

Since my last posting - Exhibitor Registrations have increased, with completed Registrations now totaling  Twenty One (21) completed Registrations covering two Provinces (Ontario and Quebec), and two States (Michigan and New York).

The Registration of EV Fern was followed by:

  1. HD Bright HiD Xenon Headlight Conversion Kits and LED Lighting - Jean Marc Dube
  2. PHEV Conversion Specialists - Jack Chen
  3. 2010 Tesla Roadster - Jaff Stevenson
  4. Durham Electric Vehicle Association - Jean-pierre Fernbach
  5. EP Rider Electric Scooters and Electric Bicycles - Jurij Zurba
  6. Electric Vehicle Society of Canada - Howard Hutt
  7. Toronto Electric Special Projects - Steve Dallas
  8. 1989 Ford Ranger EV - John Farmer
This Brings to a close all past outstanding Invitations to EV Fest Exhibitors.

Tell all your New Electric Vehicle Owner Friends, that They can Exhibit their new LEAF, iMiEV, Volt, Tesla, SMART ED, or other Hybrid at EV Fest as well - Just Check out the website at for details and contact us to proceed!

Also Accepting Exhibitor Positions for Electric Watercraft, Electric Aircraft, Electric Farm and Garden Equipment, among other items.

Updated: Per Request. Correction - Total # Verified with Registration system.