Tuesday, June 2, 2015

EV Fest 2015 Exhibitors Now Posted! Other News Planned!

The EV Fest Website has been updated - with the New Pages online showing EV Fest 2015 Exhibitors, and updates within the site to the EV Fest News page, as well.

Pending Updates shortly will be the Posters+Press Page, as we add new Posters to share and post in your local area (just print off a few and post in your neighborhood!) We also recommend you join our EV Fest Updates Mailing List, and subscribe so that you also get direct news in your inbox!

Our Exhibitors List is numbered in the order of Registration, and we will be Posting a Floor Plan of Exhibitor Locations by Next Monday on the EV Fest Website!

We are working on something special for EV Fest 2015 - Additional ticket options with Extra Privileges! Stay Current! Check back here and on the EV Fest Website often for updates!

Tickets are available online - Start at our Tickets page NOW! 
Cash (Printed) Tickets may be available from myself, Robert Weekley - if you see me in person!

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