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Growth of Tesla Superchargers - In Ontario, Nearby, and Worldwide, since Revealing the Tesla Model 3!

At the March 31st, 2016 Reveal of the Tesla Model 3, Elon Stated the plans for a massive increase in Tesla Provided Charging Stations, by the end of 2017!

The Numbers were basically - to Double the Supercharging Stations (to 7200), and Quadruple the Destination Chargers (to 15,000)! Of course, if you drive a Tesla - you have the possibility to access all Local Public Level 2 Charging Stations, Shared J1772 and Tesla Home Chargers, NEMA 14-50 Campsite Power Plugs (And other types), and also CHAdeMO Public Charging Stations (If you have access to or have the CHAdeMO Adapter)!

As to CHAdeMO - they update their numbers periodically on the website - and the latest update showed "The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 11291. -- (Japan 6469 Europe 3028 USA 1686 Others 108) last update 2016.04.20" 

Update: The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 11389.
-- (Japan 6469 Europe 3028 USA 1784 Others 108) last update 2016.06.02 

Supercharger information can of course be found at Tesla's Page - but it can also be tracked on another, quite popular site - - which might differ in numbers of sites counted, but is a bit more interactive in tracking the build out with presentation of sites that are in permit state, under construction, and completed!

To see how many the counts as having come online, enter permit stage, or start construction, since March 31st, we click on the 'Changes' Link up at the top right of the sites page, and to see how many in each region - and in total - click the 'Charts' Link up at the top right.
Top Right Menu on

Asia-Pacific Region has gone from 119 Supercharger Sites open - to 125, since March 31st, 2016. (+6)
Europe has gone from 222 Supercharger Sites open to 228 - since March 31st, 2016. (+6)
America has gone from 276 Supercharger Sites open to 283 - since March 31st, 2016. (+7)

In all - Each region has been pretty much growing at the same pace of Open Superchargers, with America leading by just 1 more than either Asia Pacific or Europe, and with 19 new sites overall, Tesla owners are seeing steady support in each of their regions, for expanding routes and increasing density in busy routes and areas! The numbers of new sites equal about 1 new site opening in each region, each 10 days as an average!

Looking at the Changes - there have been 75 new additions or updates in 59 days, or about 1.27 Supercharger Additions or updates per day since revealing the model 3! Update: + 12 items - see below.

During this time - Sites that went from Permit Stage to Construction Stage (# of Days*):
Alexandria, LA (20); Augusta, GA (1); Magog, QC (27); Miner, MO (2); and Plattsburgh, NY (18).

Sites that have gone from Construction Stage to Open (# of Days*):
Shreveport, LA (21); Reno, NV (1); Pocatello, ID (31); Magliano, Italy (1); Leonberg-Ost, Germany (2);
Hawthorne, NV (8); Grimsby, ON (23).

*These are the differences in the dates reported on from one step to the next (Permit - Construction, or Construction - Open), and may not be precisely accurately reported, but are reasonable indicators of the various amounts of time between steps in the development.

This accounts for 12 sites that have changed status from permit to Construction, or from Construction to Open, but 51 others remain that have simply reported a single change from not showing - to permit, or were updated to construction, or updated to open, during this time!

There have been 12 Additional Permits issued to allow Supercharger Construction, 21 New sites that began Construction, and 18 other Sites that Opened for access!

Permits (12): West Des Moines, IA; Sweetwater, TX; Springfield, MO; Meridian, MS; Lee, MA; Landsberg, Germany; Ewingsdale, Australia; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Cisco, TX; Burgos, Spain; Bowling Green, KY; and Bay City, MI.

Construction (21): Vystrkov, Czech Republic; Tonopah, NV; Sulphur Springs, TX; Steg-Hohtenn, Switzerland; Southampton, NY; Saint-Laurent, QC; Peru, IL; Nebbenes, Norway; Murcia, Spain; Lindale, TX; Laurel, MD; Katowice, Poland; Idaho Falls, ID; Harrisburg, PA; Erie, PA; Egg Harbor Township, NJ; Dugopolje, Croatia; Catoosa, OK; Buena Park, CA; Bernau, Germany; Bend, OR.

Open (18): Zarechye, Russia; Ya'an, China; West Yellowstone, MT; Wertheim, Germany; Terre Haute, IN; Temecula, CA; Suzhou - Wuzhong, China; Shijiazhuang - Healthy City, China; Sanya - Mingzhu, China; Pearl, MS; Kunshan - Qidi Park, China; Kostomłoty, Poland; Harrisburg, PA; Dongguan - Songshan Lake, China; Chengdu, China; Châteauroux, France; Champaign, IL; Beijing - Youth Road, China.

Update: Since I sat down to write this blog post - last Sunday, May 29th, 2016 - with interruptions and an injury at work slowing me down - has added 12 new Events - updating some from Construction to Open, from Permit to Construction, and New Permits! CHAdeMO has also updated their numbers - added in above!

New Permits: Oakdale, MN; Port Huron, MI have been added, Now in Construction Stage is Bowling Green, KY, and Now Open are: Dugopolje, Croatia; Miner, MO; Cuernavaca, Mexico; Tonopah, NV; Southampton, NY; Strasbourg, France; Bristol - M5, UK; Erie, PA; and Shanghai- Grand Gateway, China.

Of course - there is a good distance to go towards doubling the number of Superchargers, and - I don't know of a site like that tracks Destination Chargers - so for that we just have to watch Tesla's page - and observe the general action there.

By 10:30 AM on June 5th, 2016 - here
is what was reporting.

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